Why Class II Injection Wells are Safe

Protecting Our Environment. Protecting Our Communities.

Nothing is more important than preserving our environment.

Safe disposal of the salt and fresh water that’s produced during oil and gas production is crucial to protect our water and soil from contamination.

Wasterwater is:
  • Returned to the part of the Earth where it occurs naturally.
  • Typically cleaner than when it originally came out of the ground.
  • Only injected into the parts of the Earth where the water is not suitable for drinking.
Class II Injection Wells are:
  • Constructed using several layers of protective materials, including steel and cement.
  • Highly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Closely monitored by permitting agencies.
  • Regularly inspected by Penneco Environmental employees.
Penneco Environmental Solutions:
  • Performs Mechanical Integrity Tests to ensure that our wells are mechanically sound.
  • Monitors injection rates, volumes, and pressures to assure structural and operational safety.
  • Reports monitoring data to regulating bodies and permitting agencies.
  • Will immediately cease operations, notify the appropriate agencies, and correct the problem before resuming any well operations in the event that a possible risk is detected.

Class II Injection Wells have been the preferred way to dispose of fluids produced during oil and gas production for decades.